How does "Recettes LP4Y" work? 

The website RecettesLP4Y is built on a base of trading and giving. 

We realized that during this period of quarantine in which we all need to stay home and therefore cook all of our meals, many of us are completely short on ideas on what to cook for lunch or dinner. 

Therefore we decided to provide you with delicious and easy recipes on a regular basis. The recipes we will provide will be a mix of the recipes of our team as well as the recipes provided by YOU.


For this website to work, your solidarity and collaboration are primordial. We will therefore ask any willing participant to send us their favorite recipes (written in English or French)  so that we can then provide them to the whole community on a simple and organized website.


Our pimary goal in creating this website is to fundraise for the organization LP4Y (you will find below more info on the purpose of the organization). 

Even though this website will remain free, we really count on your responsibility and solidarity to donate whichever amount you feel comfortable with in order to support LP4Y and thousands of underprivileged youth. 

On behalf of the whole LP4Y organization, we deeply thank you in advance for your generous support! 

About us

The pandemic we are living makes us all aware, more than ever, of how lucky we are to be living under a roof, with plenty to eat, and people who love us and care for us.

On the contrary, more than half of the planet’s population is in a situation of extreme poverty, living in dust, wandering the streets looking for food. 

During these times of crisis, these people need our help and our support more than anything. Because of the quarantine, it is complicated to go out and go support those in need, that is why we all pondered together and decided to create a new project which would allow any of you willing to support our cause to participate and donate a little part of you to improve, with just a few things, the lives of thousands of people. 


We therefore decided to create a recipe sharing website to both lead people to unity in order to give to those who need love and support as well as stimulate exchange and trades in our community. 


What is LP4Y's purpose? 

1.2 Billion Youth are between 15 and 24 years old 

1 out of 2 is suffering from malnutrition/ illness or violence

$1.9/ day corresponds to the poverty line under which more than 1 million of them will live in 2025

A group of friends, entrepreneurs and Youth, in Europe, Asia and the United States, have created Life Project 4 Youth, a movement that is 100% dedicated to the integration of Youth coming from extreme poverty and exclusion.

In the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Myanmar, LP4Y has created two pedagogical tracks for the professional insertion of excluded Young adults, based on the principle of learning through entrepreneurship.


Dans les 15 pays de l’Alliance LP4Y, réseau international d’organisations locales, des actions sont menées pour encourager l’inclusion sociale et professionnelle des Jeunes.

LP4Y est convaincu du potentiel de tous les Jeunes.

En expérimentant avec eux les valeurs entrepreneuriales, ils deviennent acteurs de leur propre vie et contribuent à un monde plus inclusif, durable et prospère

Unifions nous et mobilisons nous pour les personnes qui ont besoin de notre aide!